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The beach of Ibiraquera belong to the city of Imbituba that is consolidated as tourist point, where the number of visitors comes growing year to year.
Currently it is the destination of a select group of Brazilians who know this paradise.

Imbituba is considered the national capital of the Frank Whale, therefore it receives great number of whales between the months of June and November that comes here to suckle its younglings.

The Beach of Ibiraquera, beyond its natural native beauty, exuberant and charming, is considered the best beach of Brazil – and one of the best in the world - for practical of Windsurf and Kite in the waves.
Also it offers other activities as surf, raids by horseback, fish of shrimp, sandboard, trials, amongst others.
It propitiates leisure and rest for all the ages, in a redoubt with crystalline waters next to mountains, dunes, lagoons in a perfect harmony with Atlantic Mata - the mountain range and the sea - with characteristic singulars of natural beauty of Brazil.

To the side (you can go walking by a track of easy access) it is situated Beach of Rosa, considered one of the 30 prettier bays of the world and at summer( dec/fev) you find night life activites and parties.
The beach of Ibiraquera is an extensive sand bay cut by water channel, what makes the link of the Lagoon of Ibiraquera with the sea.

The beaches and lagoons of Ibiraquera are between the best ones of the world for the practical one of Windsurf (hosted one of the stages of the world-wide championship of Windsurf - PWA-2007), and Kite in the waves, having its better moments with the strong winds in the spring.

In days of northeast or southwestern wind, the frequentadores of the beach find conditions classic to surf the perfect waves.

On the other hand, the lagoons offer excellent conditions to learn, easy and secure.

Localization - 87km to the south of Florianópolis (FLN Airport) By road BR-101.

Climate - Tempered humid without estiagens.

Average Temperatures - 28ºC (dec/mar) and 18ºC (jun/sep)

Average Rain Precipitation - 250mm (jan) and 80mm (august)

Predominant Winds - quadrants Southwestern Northeast and South North

Time of the strongest winds - September till December -

Intensity/direction of the winds - 10m/s North in windguru is equivalent of good conditions of wave sailing and 14m/s is equivalent in real 30 knots at the spot.

From end of August till half of November we have good waves and frequent moderate till strong winds.

December till February the winds blow almost every day but in moderate intensities and slightly weak.

Height of the waves of the sea measured by the front - máx 6m, min 1 m, generally between 2,5 meters till 3 meters.

Temperature of the water of the sea:
- Max 28/24ºC December till March (shorty)
- Min 23/17ºC August the November (3X2mm)