The association "SURFtoLIVE” proposes as aim the knowledge and the development of the relationships among the various populations of different etnias, recognizing in such action the focal point for the racial tolerance and the development of the peace in the world.

The knowledge of different territories from those of residence, of the populations and of their traditions is for our association point of departure for the possibility of understanding and tolerance of the different ways of living and to intend the life, the nature and her strength.

To such purpose we intend to deepen the contacts with the local populations through the search and the exploitation of the differences and peculiarity of the place, imploring so the danger of dangerous levelings for the world culture. We will also try to publicize in the rest of the world our style of life helping the interested associates to come into contact with our daily reality and with the history that so much has made the name of Italy great in the world.

We intend therefore to establish a series of contacts that can allow our associates to integrate themselves and use to the best the life and the local culture and to do know the folklore, the kitchen, the habits, the places of the various parts of the world that can have an importance for cultural and human motives, beyond the heritages of the usual tourism “touch and go”.

In the optics of promotion of the friendship among the people, our association will entrust, also, of interventions of beneficence for onthe safeguard of the environment, that can go to total benefit of the life of the local communities showing so that friendship, respect and tolerance are not only for us words of empty meaning. TEL. +39 3474291633 ©